Ethical, Social, and Legal Issues
in Pediatric Genetic Research


"Whole-genome sequencing in newborn screening? A statement on the continued importance of targeted approaches in newborn screening programmes." PDF
"Charting the Privacy Landscape" PDF
"Best Practices for Health Research Involving Children and Adolescents" PDF
"Les pratiques exemplaires dans la recherche en santé avec des enfants et adolescents" PDF
"Privacy in Canadian Paediatric Biobanks: A Changing Landscape" PDF
"Privacy in Canadian Paediatric Biobanks: A Primer for REBS" PDF
"La vie privée et les biobanques pédiatriques canadiennes : Introduction destinées aux CÉR" PDF
"Return of whole-genome sequencing results in paediatric research : a statement of the P3G International Paediatrics Platform" PDF
"RMGA - Statement of Principles for Genetic Research Involving Children" PDF
"RMGA - Statement of Principles on the Return of Research Results and Incidental Findings" PDF
"RMGA - Summary Statement Brochure" PDF
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